Fighting For Freedom!

Fighting For Freedom! 




It wondered how long, would it take to survive in this cage
These golden bars were blocking the way to the stage
Waiting for the moment, it could fly freely
Deciding in its mind to visit the human prison daily…

How much fun would it be to see them all locked
With family it’ll go, to see them being mocked
Will take a chilly or two, to throw in the bars
Hoping it’ll help them heal the stuck-inside scars…

Will chirp loudly on their heads, making silly faces
What pleasure would it be to see their dreams turn into ashes
Hope they realize, how lovely freedom us
That flying freely in the air is the purest bliss…


2015 - 1


3 thoughts on “Fighting For Freedom!

  1. My lovebirds always used to stare wistfully at the free visitors in my balcony.

    And yet, I’ve seen people buy cage fuls at Crawford market, then release them. These caged lil ones have no concept of freedom and survival. They get eaten up in moments by the tougher ones.
    I wish human beings took care, either way with their actions.

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