We’re All In This Together!

We’re All In This Together!

Source: speakingtree.in
Rose from the deep slumber
My eyes cried of pain
A pain unknown, a pain unheard

The flowers didn’t blossom
the sun didn’t shine
All was fine, yet nothing was fine

The world came to a halt
As the news flooded in
Lots of carnage, our brethren were killed

Mother Earth bled as its children fell
With another wretched tale to tell
Sorrow overwhelmed the world’s joy

Source: huffingtonpost.com
Land flushed with the blood of martyrs
For what she wondered her children fought
Where got lost all the hunger for love

The air froze with fear
Hearts swelled with anger
The times of war came nearer

Amidst the chaos, a light was seen
As the souls passed on to another realm
The world witnessed their plea for peace

Praying won’t help, said the light in the sky
Rise over this meaningless fight
All we want is for you to survive

Come together and fend off the evil
Join hands with the world
Spread the peace we want you to achieve
Break the shackles of religion
Unite for humanity
Learn and preach the power of peace
War means destruction, more to us
Send on, a message for the generations to come
It’s all about peace and We’re all in this together
Source: quotesgram.com

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