The Lucky Stroke: Part III

Mysterious Hello(s)?

The Lucky Stroke
The Lucky Stroke


“Have I reached Miss Ananya Thakur? I am calling from DFC.”

“Yes, this is Ananya Thakur, how may I help you?” asked Ananya excitedly. It was the evening after her first day at the job and the day had gone well.

“Ananya, you were assigned the job of assisting the HOD Finance?

“Yes, I AM the assistant of HOD Finance, Mr Malhotra”, emphasising on the ‘am’. ”

“I’m afraid you mistook the information. You were supposed to report to the General Manager for assisting. This is purely unprofessional behaviour. It was your first day at the job and you didn’t show up at all!”


“Uh, what!?” Asked Ananya, shocked.

“Someone else was hired for the post you worked as today. Seems as a miscommunication on both the sides.”

“I don’t understand! I was clearly told that I had to work as the assistant of HOD Finance! I am sure about it. I suggest you to please look into it once again.” retaliated Ananya, coming back to her senses.

“We have it all checked. As today was the training session, some mismanagement occurred. I am calling to inform you to report to the GM tomorrow morning, sharp at 8:30 a.m. I hope the information is clear. Thanks for your time.”

“But I was told… Thanks”, spoke Ananya animatedly when the line was cut halfway.

What the hell was that? Dad had clearly told me that I had to join DFC as the assistant to Mr Malhotra! What confusion came up then!?? Thought Ananya.

It was 7 in the evening. She was home by 4. Today was just the training session, so as to acquaint the newly recruited what work they are supposed to do.

Ananya sat in her dimly lit garden, sipping her ice tea.
“I should talk to Dad about it.” she spoke to herself and took a deep breath.


Even with what just happened, Ananya was lost in thoughts, smiling.

How is it possible?

What a lucky stroke to run into him on the street! We were in Gurgaon then and we are in Mumbai now! Almost makes me believe we were destined to meet.

Maybe we were.

Deb was her best friend back then.
The only kid who talked to her without the intentions of sympathising. He made her feel alive. He made her see the colours that nature had denied being witnessed. He was her lighthouse in the darkness of that starless night sky.

But one day, she saw it all herself, with her own eyes. That day she found that to be able to see cost her, her only friend, Deb. The one who showed her the world that beheld beauty so serene that she wished she had eyes to drink it in.

Ananya grew up into a beautiful, charming young lady. She loved her Dad, her new and only family. Her grandmother died three years after she was adopted. Definition of love for her was her Dad. Other than that, Ananya didn’t entertain ‘Love’ much.

Just two years back, she had received a call from a man asking if she wanted to know who her real parents were. She was shocked beyond measures. Before she could reply the line was cut.
That day, she told her dad about it all. He was quite taken aback. He told her to ignore such fake callers who might lure her in order to extract money.

Ever since that day her demeanour became mysterious. She started putting two and two together in order to find her biological parents. Her actions were hidden from her father and that made her feel guilty at times.

Running into Deb seemed like a sign to her. Maybe, even the universe wanted her to explore her past.

‘Since he knew I am rich, he must have inquired about me after he was adopted. I need to meet him. I hope he is as excited to meet up as I am!’ thought Ananya, sipping in the last few drops.


16 thoughts on “The Lucky Stroke: Part III

  1. Oh hell! How did you guess that? 😰😔😒

    My mystery is now a mess ��😢😁😢😁😂�😁😁😭

    P.S.- Thanks for the comment! 😊😄

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